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I come across a kid cheating at the skeeball arcade game! NOT COOL FAM I’m over here trying to play games fair and square and this kid’s parents are sitting here letting them climb up the skeeball game and cheat yo! :/ well, I got it on tape! Other than that I play a bunch of arcade games at New York New York Hotel, in Las Vegas at the big apple arcade! 😀 watch to see what I will win!

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  1. Honestly it's disappointing when parents encourage their kids to cheat ! Literally these kids parents were sitting right there letting their children cheat, like thats pretty sad. :c ruins the fun for those who play according to the rules!

  2. I miss going to the arcade games like Chuck e chesse, Playland (they are in there) and Dave and busters. I never saw a kid or someone cheated though.

    But the people who cheated want it a huge reward


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